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My Craving for Coriander by Wellness Chef Troy Weaver.

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Coriander is one of our most important herbs. Coriander is known as the anti-diabetic plant. I included it in my Chef Weaver’s Spices of LifePirates Gold Energy Seasonings for this very reason. Coriander brings a sweet and romantic flavor to veggies, meats, pasta, eggs, potatoes, sauces, dressings, fries, burgers, chicken, pork, and most other dishes.

Its gentle and warm and when added to soups, sauces, gravies, and dressings it brings out a warm sweet flavor that is barely noticeable but in the Spices of Life Energy Spice it creates a complete aromatique flavor.

In a nutshell coriander has 4 researched affects on the bodies of both animals and humans.

1. Helps Controls blood sugar.
Many of us know someone that may be facing diabetes or have problems with high or low blood sugar. Food plays a major role in blood sugar levels. Studies show that coriander may be able to help steady blood sugar.

2. Assist in cholesterol lowering.
A poor diet is one that is low in fresh fruits and veggies, and is high in processed foods, meat products. When this type of behavior is done for long periods of time the bad cholesterol builds up. No worries coriander has your back. In studies it has been shown to moderate cholesterol levels.

3. Anti- inflammatory affects.
Many times eating foods that are highly processed, GMOs, or have additives produce inflammation in the body. According to our research coriander is one of the Kings in fighting inflammation. This alone could help your immune system fight sickness and allergies, improve your digestive system helping to rid the body if waste, and give you more energy due to improved body system functions.


4. Free Radical development.
When we do not get fruits and vegetables on a daily basis are antioxidant level falls and we now produce free radicals. This means that basically the cells inside of your body are being destroyed by other cells in your body. the destruction of cells in your body will soon lead to a lower immune system resulting in constant sickness, allergies, pain, including headaches, stomach aches, fatigue. These are signs that your organs are sick and are not performing properly, the only thing left is organ problems or organ failure.
I specifically added coriander for this reason, to reduce the production of free radicals in humans worldwide.

So if you don’t know, now you know, baby baby. My cravings for coriander go much deeper than just the aromatic and beautiful flavor that it adds to food and sauces. Coriander’s love for the human body is real, and likewise the Spices of Life Energy Spice will love your body just as it does mine.

Until next time,

To order Chef Weaver’s Spices of Life Energy Spice simply send me an email or fell free to call me @ fenomwellness@gmail.com ot 770-837-8432.

Your Wellness Chef & Coach
Troy Weaver


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  1. Johari says:

    Learn something new ever time. Nobody does it like Chef Troy. And that Energy spice is FENOM!

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