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F.C.A Cooking a Thin Steak 

FENOM Energy Elements


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Unit 1: Home Cooking Skills
Unit code: L002
Unit Level: 1

Cooking a Quick Steak.

FYI… for all of my vegetarian clients disregard this module and proceed to the next lesson.

Unit Overview…

Hello, I’m Troy your Wellness Chef/Coach. This lesson will help you learn the basic of cooking a thin quick steak. This type of steak can be cut for tacos, salads, or pasta dishes. In addition, instead of eating a giant piece of steak, it can be cut and divided amongst the children.

Learning Outcomes
1. Understand how to properly prepare and cook a thin steak.
2. Understand why it is important to get fresh grass fed beef, or beef from a reputable butcher.
3. Understand the importance of passing this information on.

Lesson Plan


To pass this unit complete the following.

1. Watch the video below, and review the pdf.
2. In the comments section below tell us what type of seasoning you like on your favorite steak.
3. Take 3 pictures of your steak, 2 Pictures in preparation (raw, seasoned), and 1 picture when done. Email or text pictures to fenomwellness@gmail.com or text to 770-837-8432. Remember to include your full name.

In order to get credit for this module you must complete the lesson plan.


Have fun with it and enjoy your meal.


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