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F.C.A. Food Health & Kitchen Safety

FENOM Energy Elements


Food Health & Kitchen Safety


Unit 1: Home Cooking Skills
Unit code: L005
Unit Level: 1

Food Health & Kitchen Safety

  Lesson Overview…

Hello, I’m Troy your Wellness Chef/Coach. This lesson will help you learn the essentials in food safety in kitchen and safety. Proper handling, sanitation and safety when handling food is very important, and misuse could result in major health risk.


Kitchen Safety

  Learning Outcomes
1. Students should have improved understanding of food safety and kitchen standards.
2. Students should understand the health concerns and risks involved in improper handling of food, and improper kitchen procedures.
3. Understand the importance of passing this information on.

Lesson Plan

  To pass this unit complete the following.


1.  Watch the video below.
2.  In the comments section, write 3 mistakes that were made in handling of food in the video.

For questions or complications with the lesson please submit a Q&A ticket to fenomwellness@gmail.com


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