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My Wellness Story


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Troy Weaver
Wellness Chef & Motivational Speaker
Atlanta, Ga 30324
troyweaver31@gmail. com

Personal History

Graduated early and at the top of my class from North Clayton High School in College Park Georgia

17 years old accepted into the Art Institute of Atlanta Lenox

18 years old accepted to JW Marriott Lenox as a intern chef.

19 years old accepted to William Reynolds talent Agency in Atlanta Georgia

21 years old featured extra motion picture film “Fled” featuring Laurence Fishburne Salma Hayek, and Steven baldwin.

21 to 25 years old I worked as intern chef, prep, sous chef, line chef and executive chef at various restaurants, and hotels in Atlanta

Continued to audition and take unpaid and paid extra, modeling, and dancing opportunities

27 years old I begin the Operations Management Training program with Scentura Creations owned by Larry Haun.

28 years old Opened first sales office in College Park Georgia in the airport office park.

29 yet old Relocated business to Chattanooga Tennessee.

33 years old I opted out of the business.

34 years old Began a wellness concept named Active Life Management.

36 years old Redefined wellness concept renamed it FENOM WELLNESS.

I look forward to working with you been speaking with you in the near future more information may be found on my website at http://www.troyweaver.com.

I can be contacted directly at

Ph: 770-837-8432
Email : troyweaver31@gmail.com

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During this emotional roller coaster of my childhood I was involved in 6 car accidents and numerous physical injuries. My mothers influence, my life of traumatic events, and my faith in the Universal Creator have created the desire for me to study and coach human wellness. :

puntured stomach

hit by car

bike accident

car accidents

The only reason I am able to work, play and handle the mental and physical pain of everyday life with out pills is directly related to wellness information and activities that I have been taught by my mother and professionals from all over the world. My goal is to share what I have learned with others worldwide.

I work with businesses and corporations, helping them relate wellness to productivity. Improving the health of the work force directly affects our customer experienced and direct performance.

I help recreational centers, daycare centers, after school programs, faith-based groups, and more learn about farm fresh foods, create farm fresh local menus, physical activity programs, and organize, and manage wellness classes and private coaching.

I am a Professionally Trained Chef of over 10 years, and one of the youngest admitted to The Art Institute of Atlanta. I have worked with major corporations including The Atlanta Braves, Jw Marriott, Hilton, Fernbank Museum, Tavern at Phipps, The PGA Masters Event at East Lake Golf Course just to name a few.

I worked with LA Fitness assisting clients with physical fitness needs including weight management, goal setting, stretching techniques, cardio, weight training, toning and sculpting, and assessments.

I understand the positive affects of quality foods creative enjoyable fitness and regular wellness activities, and I have seen the negative effects of chemically created foods and lack of physical fitness. In addition I have learned that other wellness services are required in order to enjoy life.

My first book uses the term “The Frankenstein Affect”, a term that I have developed to explain the negative physical and mental affects of eating a large amount of chemically created foods, having a low physical activity level, and living in a mentally and physically toxic environment.

For this book I researched hundreds of medical reports, wellness documentaries and books, University studies, and government agency reports to find out how food fun physical fitness, and wellness activities affect the mind and the body.
Looking  for a food wellness coach? Call me I want to help.

All rights reserved. FENOM WELLNESS LLC. *CHEF Troy Weaver * 770-837-8432 * fenomwellness@gmail.com



  1. Johari says:

    Nice man. Love it!!

  2. Michael ivy says:

    Informative true survivor story

  3. troyweaver says:

    Thank you Michael Ivy.

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