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Q. What will your wellness service achieve?

A: Our primary goal is to enrich the lives of our clients. Wellness services achieve weight loss,  improved digestions, improved behavior in children, increase energy, stronger immune system, better sleep. increased family time, clearer thinking, improved grades and more.

By conducting an interview in person, by phone, or via e-mail. We learn about your families particular needs. Afterwards a customized wellness plan with various options is written by a wellness chef and coach. Our most popular service is our ” Wellness Chef”  service. Your wellness chef handles the shopping, and preparing of lunch and dinner for the children or the entire family. You may keep the service for  a week or a month. This service relieves a great deal of stress from single family homes, and distressed families.  As we grow we hope to add additional services, our current services are listed below.

1. Your Wellness Chef: The documentary “Food Inc” Stated ” The most dangerous place in America is your grocery store because chemicals, toxins, dyes and other reportedly dangerous food additives. Likewise shopping has become a very challenging task if you want the family to eat balanced meals while remaining healthy. One child wants this food, the other child wants something different, everyday families struggle to find a variety of food choice the entire family will enjoy while keeping everyone healthy.  Select the “Wellness Chef” service, conduct a interview and let our team go to work for you. All of our produce & seafood is purchased locally from the Atlanta State Farmer’s Market, or Your DeKalb Farmer Market to ensure the best quality. Our deli meats are “Boars Head”, and poultry and chuck is fresh farmers market quality. We also conduct one-on-one/group grocery shopping workshops. If you would like more information fill out the contact form below and we will contact you to discuss your needs or contact Chef Troy Weaver at  770-837-8432 or via E-mail: fenomwellness@gmail.com

 Q:How will you prove that service is working?

A: We keep detailed records from the initial interview with you, including major and minor health concerns and goals that your family has desired to achieve. We regularly review your wellness file with you to keep your family on track to attain your goals.

Q: What proof do you have that your services are necessary?

A: The CDC, USDA, and National Health Organization all agree that children that do not consume fruits and vegetables everyday are at a higher risk of illnesses and disease including asthma, flu, hay fever, diabetes, cancer, liver disease, and cardiovascular disease than those children that have fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. In addition, these agencies also confirm that long term neglect of fruits, vegetables, and CHEMICALLY FREE foods show that mental disease rises in children including Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD, ADD, and Aggression Disorder just to name a few. More information may be found at http://www.cdc.gov/diabetes/projects/diab_children.htm


A: Fathers.com has studies that show that children that live in co/shared parenting situations are more at risk of illnesses and disease that those of duel family  homes. There symptoms include learning disabilities, depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, mental instability, apathy and anger just to name a few. More  information may be found at http://www.fathers.com.

Q: What do you do to protect clients, volunteers, and staff from exploitation?

A: An applications is collected on all chef’s a coaches and a background check is conducted before placement to insure that our clients, staff, and volunteers are protected.