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Creating Talent with Food and Fitness

Creating Talent with Food and Fitness


The Foundation for Education, Nutrition, and Optimal, Management was created by Chef, Author, and Coach Troy Weaver in response to the call for action for chef’s and fitness consultants. We coach anyone that suffers with poor eating habits,weight problems, sleep problems,  poor physical fitness, and other wellness complications.


This mission began in 2006 in Atlanta Georgia, with the simple idea that fun physically activities (play) could change the health of one life, one family, and one community at a time. Every recreational center, school, business and church we went to we found the same problem.We found parents and youth alike in various communities drained of energy and the symptoms included: anger, hostility, disruptive behavior, mood swings, depression  and even violent.

We knew we had to do something.


The economy in 2010-2011 was so tight most food programs were cutting funding while we were asking to receive. At the time money was very tight so we decided that we would take money from our pockets and create meals that we could share with our students. The students loved every class no matter how much or how little we had to offer.

During the 2011-2012 our cars broke down and we were laid off of our full time jobs due to the economy. We thought these events would be the last of our program due to our depleted finances and lack of transportation. As the summer of 2012 approached we could only hope that we would have a chance to work with students again. We decided that if we did not find a way to feed our students we would not have a good summer, it was in essence our calling. Each week we put are nickles and dimes together and hoped on the Marta train and then a bus with our coolers and bags to coach our students who at that time attended Tobie Grant Recreational Center in Scottdale. By the time we arrived we would be covered in sweat from taking turns rolling the large cooler and bags in the Georgia heat of summer. As tired and hot as it was the children would see us coming down the hill and just start yelling and calling out “Chef is Coming…Chef is Coming”. It was worth every drop of sweat and some.


In the winter of 2012 while working with local youth we met Johari Dozier a local Atlanta educator and the owner of a non-profit organization Think, Live, Dream Foundation. We began to talk over the follow few months to find ways to work together to create a culinary program that would be sustainable, and assist children as well as parents.


The next generation of youth, parents, and families are living in a time of extreme financial hardship even in the middle class neighborhoods and in addition are suffering more disease than ever before. We know that food has a direct effect on attitude, health, and learning ability, for us food is a vital factor in the well-being of children and the family. Officially FENOM WELLNESS has been born. We are here to provide children and families wellness started by many loving people before us who opened soup kitchen’s in churches, school’s, and basements to feed friend, families, and strangers that were in need of a meal. It was this type of love that drove us to continue this mission even when everyone told us there were no resources available.It was this type of love that allowed us to share the little that we had with others. From long bus rides, to dragging coolers through the streets of Atlanta, to taking our last few bucks and feeding children that didn’t even belong to us we unlocked a hidden love we didn’t know existed and created a FENOM.


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