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We are what we eat.
We are what we eat.




In my youth I incurred numerous physical accidents that caused hospitalization, stitches, splints, and cast, many of which were a result of a young man trying to find himself. Like many youth today I grew up without ever knowing my father, which lead to confusion, depression, and questions. These events, the encouragement of my mother, and my love for people caused me to study human wellness in search of the panacea.

Children & Teenagers have LOW Energy.


Children have Low Energy

Low human energy can lead to the following, some of which can be UNCONTROLLABLE.
1. Poor Academic Achievement
2. Learning Disabilities
3..Attitude/Behavioral Issues
4. Allergies, Regular Sicknesses, and Disease.
Just to name a few….

Our Children are Living and growing up on Fake Food.
<p Wellness Chef Troy Weaver's live and online wellness training program teaches youth how to cook, shop, and store farmers market quality foods. In addition our chef & coaching programs assist student reach their wellness goals.



We understand how picky some children can be about food and the stress that comes from trying to please all the children. We want you to feel confident, feeding and encouraging youth is something we’ve been doing for more than 10 years.


Our children are the future and must be protected to the best of our ability. The CDC, USDA, and National Health Organization all agree that children that do not consume fruits and vegetables everyday are at risk of illness and disease.


Moreover the influence of chemicals that have been documented by doctors, and medical professionals and have created fear, paranoia, depression, anger, and violence in many children. More information may be found at



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